Sinach invites you as her SPECIAL GUEST

Three Powerful Events, 2 Days

Join us for a spiritual journey across two extraordinary days filled with music, ministry, and praise. Choose your tickets and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience.

Event 1: Sinach Live In Concert [#SLIC23]

Join us for the Sinach Live In Concert 2023, where faith, joy, and soul-stirring melodies unite in a spectacular Christmas-themed celebration.

Event 2: The Music and The Minister Conference

Be a part of The Music and The Minister Conference 2023. Reserve your seat for a time of insights, inspiration, and connections.

Event 3: An evening of Praise and Worship with Sinach & Friends

Conclude your two-day journey with a praise and worship extravaganza featuring Sinach. Join in the celebration of faith and joy.

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